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With over 400 robot implementations across the Nordics - we have helped over 70 customers


City of Kauniainen – the migration robot

In spring 2021, the oral health care in Kauniainen took the Apotti system into use. A prerequisite for the successful deployment was data migration from the old Lifecare patient information system. The collection and harmonization of migration data was carried out using MOST Digital Oy's migration robot.

Kauniainen migration robot project in a nutshell


Need: Transfer data from the old Lifecare patient data system to the new Apotti system to be deployed.


Solution: MOST Digital Oy's migration robot collected and harmonized data from the old system to be transferred to the new system.


Benefits: It was possible to direct the working hours of specialists more effectively to substance work. Furthermore, the quality of the extracted data was better when collected by the robot than by humans.

Carried out by our Finnish Partner MOST Digital Oy


Scania Suomi Oy and Murmeli-robot

Scania Suomi Oy is a Finnish subsidiary of the Swedish Scania AB, a manufacturer of trucks, buses and marine, and industrial engines. The company enjoys the position of the market leader in the industry in Finland, as well. Scania Suomi Oy is a reseller company concentrating on the sales, marketing, and service of Scania vehicles. The company has over 20 offices throughout Finland


Murmeli robot in a nutshell

Establishing a supplier.

Responsibility & result:
Murmeli sets up new suppliers in Scania’s financial management system.

The request to open a new supplier is sent to the ticketing system, where the robot checks it.
If it is an approved new supplier, Murmeli fills in the information in the financial management system.

The robot run takes place twice a day.

Carried out by our Finnish Partner MOST Digital Oy


KAMK and Robot Ruttunen

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences offers high-quality education in the fields of wellbeing, technology, communications, and tourism. The University of Applied Sciences has an important role to play in promoting employment and skills in the region through education and various research and development projects.

Robot Ruttunen in a nutshell


Work task: Automation of salary allocations

Working hours: Once a month
Technical keywords: OIVA, Open RPA, Python, RaaS (robotics as a service)
Project time (in weeks): 7
ROI (return on investment in months): 10–11

Carried out by our Finnish Partner MOST Digital Oy

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