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Introducing a true Cloud Robot

Robots belong to everyone!

Robot As A Service

We provide an end-to-end turnkey solution to automate any system and repetitive tasks in true RaaS style.

Decrease your cost base
Increase employee satisfaction
Increase task quality and minimize mistakes

Please download our RPA guide to discover how automation can transform your business. 


Cloud based

OIVA is based on Microsoft Azure with world leading cloud functionality

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Choose a cyber-secure RPA service that fits and is ISO27001 data security certified

Open Source

OIVA uses innovative open-source tools which are constantly updated and easily integrated through API.

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Easy scale up/down

OIVA can easily scale up and down to match the needed capacity.

Working Together on Project
Computer Sketch

Introducing a true Cloud Robot Service

Robots belong to everyone!
Check out your new digital 
colleague today

Advisory Services

A world class tool needs proper management – bring the leading advisory services to complete your transition into a seamless RaaS world

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Process Improvement

A broken business process can cost your business time and money. Our expert consultants can guide you through improvements with best-in-class methods.

Sync Up

Change Management

Every process that brings changes to the organization should have guides to assist in transitions. As certified change management agents we excel at making transitions painless.

Game Developers

Technical Architect & Developers

OIVA is easily set up with your own resources – we can assist with both architects and developers to supplement your resources or completely outsource the assignments

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Project Management

Our consultants drive the projects with excellence based on years of experience and industry knowledge

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